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Colin Ovenell

Birthday: Sept. 6th

Hometown: Quincy, WA

Teena Ovenell

Birthday: May 1st

Birthplace: Zaire, Africa

Anniversary: July 13th

Ethan Thomas

Birthday: Jan. 13th 2007

Birthplace: Quebec, Canada

Eliana Ruthann

Birthday: August 1st, 2011

Birthplace: Botswana, Africa      

Elias David

Birthday: May 30th, 2013

Birthplace: Wenatchee, WA


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You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.  Psalm 16:11

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  1. -Anthropological Insights for Missionaries (Hiebert)                     

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Colin -
    I was born in 1977 and raised in Quincy, Washington.  My family’s regular attendance to church services and evident relationship to the Lord impressed me deeply.  In March of 1983 I called upon the Lord and received Christ as my personal Savior.  This event occurred shortly after our pastor’s presentation of the gospel, a subsequent explanation by my father and my confession of sin and recognition of dependence upon Christ for salvation. In 1987 at the age of 10, I went forward as a testimony of my salvation and was baptized. 
    From an early age I was impressed with the men and women who were called into full-time ministry.  My teachers testify that I studied the Word of God with keen interest growing up, and was active in sharing my faith with friends and family.  As I grew older my heart was turned to athletics and social matters, but these were short lived.  Upon making the transition from high school to college, I was impressed with the importance of a life devoted to the Lord’s work, whether vocational or as a layman.  At that time I entered Cedarville College desiring to discover the Lord’s will for my life.  Due to lack of finance and my interest in Architectural studies I later transferred to W.S.U.  Shortly afterwards I was led to take a missions trip to Zambia, Africa where it became clear to me that nothing in this world other than the ministry of the gospel could satisfy my desire to serve the Lord.
    Through the passion that has been given me for the work of the ministry, and the prompting of the local church and individual believer’s, I confidently took the necessary steps to prepare for a lifetime of missionary service.  In October of 2004 I completed my M. Div from Baptist Bible Seminary of Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania and was ordained to the ministry in First Baptist Church of Quincy.
    Teena and I were married in July of 2002.  We feel the Lord has uniquely equipped us and brought us together in order to serve him in the Republic of Benin.

Teena -
    Responding to God’s call into full time cross-cultural ministry, my parents Steve and Ruth Ann Bell traveled to Zaire, Africa to begin their first term in 1978. I was born in Zaire in 1980.
    Although being raised as an missionary kid and having many opportunities to hear the gospel, I had not realized my need for salvation. It was the testimony of my family, their personal relationship and joy in Christ that led me to acknowledge my need of a personal relationship with Christ. At the age of six I asked Christ to be my Lord and Savior. In 1991 as a testimony of my salvation I was baptized at First Baptist Church in Quincy.
    Being raised as a missionary kid was not always easy but as I look back on the 18 years of my life that were spent in Africa, I am thankful for the opportunity of being raised in a different culture . In my teen years I was able to get involved in the church.  During this time God not only opened my eyes but burdened my heart for the African people.
    Leaving Africa to attend college in the U.S was a big culture shock and transition for me, I was leaving my home. I attended Northland Baptist Bible College for two years. Although I was majoring in Missions, I began to question my motive. Was I simply following the footsteps of my parents, brother and sister or the generation of our family who had gone before them? Or was God calling me into missions? I sought counsel from teachers and family and prayed that God would make His will clear. As a result I went forward at a missions conference dedicating myself to full time ministry with the desire to return to Africa.
    I believe God continues to confirm His calling in the way He answers prayer. I knew if I were to be a missionary I could not go alone.  In July 2002, Colin and I were married- not only did God provide me with a wonderful husband, but Colin also felt called to minister among African peoples! Upon Colin’s completion of seminary and internship we were able to take a survey trip for three months to West Africa were we feel God is calling us to return full-time to the country of Benin.